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Protege 4 User's Guide
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Because the guide is a wiki, its pages may be used in any desired order. However, from a design perspective, the pages are divided into two parts: Background and Reference.

  • The Background chapters (Concepts, Examples, HowTos, Overviews, etc.) are intended to introduce the user to concepts, ways to perform specific tasks, etc. So, each of these chapters is a somewhat random collection of pages that fit a particular category.
  • The Reference chapters (Menus, Tabs, Views, etc.) provide detailed information on specific parts of Protege 4 (eg, Plugins, User Interface elements). So, there is a chapter for each part, to some level of granularity.

Note: The Page List contains a detailed list of current and prospective pages.


If you are a new user, you should skim (at least) the Glossary and the User Interface chapter; see the Introduction page for details. If you are not comfortable with the concepts involved, further study may be advisable.

The Examples, HowTos, and Miscellany chapters are also worth a look, but will primarily be used when the user is trying to accomplish a particular task. An Example may show how a similar design problem was resolved, while a HowTo should give explicit instructions for performing a particular task.


In general, the organization of this material corresponds to the structure of the Protege 4 user interface. So, if you're having problems with a particular program feature, look for a page that describes the feature's intent and use (and be sure to speak up if you can't find one).

New users should look over representative examples of each page type (ie, menus, plugins, tabs, views) to become familiar with the its format, typical content, etc. After that, these pages need be visited only when an explanation is needed for a particular program feature.

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