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Protege 4 User's Guide

Plugins have long been an essential part of the Protege architecture. Protege 4 continues this tradition, providing ways to incorporate plugins into many aspects of the program's operation. In fact, some essential parts of Protege 4 (eg, the OWL Editor) are technically plugins.

Although the list of plugins for Protege 4 is still relatively small, it will undoubtedly grow as existing plugins are converted and new plugins are created.

Finding Plugins

Auto Update

Starting with build 104, Protege 4 will find plugins and updates for you. See the Auto Update page for more information.

The Plugins Chapter

The Plugins chapter contains a page for each plugin, giving overview information, useful links, etc. If you have information to offer on a plugin, please help us all by noting it on the appropriate page.

The "Compatible Plugins" Index

Plugins for Protege 4.x OWL editor - the list of "Compatible Plugins" on this page is the result of a semantic query that gathers all plug-ins that have declared themselves compatible with the 4.x version of the Protege-OWL editor.

Note: If you know of a compatible plugin that is not listed in the Index, please let us know!

CO-ODE OWL Plugins

CO-ODE OWL Plugins - the CO-ODE project at the University of Manchester is the biggest contributor of Protege 4 plug-ins. This is a good place to go to download early releases and source code for CO-ODE developed plug-ins and more...

Contributing Plugins

If you're a software developer, it may be worthwhile to consider converting and/or creating plugins for your project's needs. Protege 4 is built on top of an OSGi-compliant plugin mechanism, so it is easy to implement new menu items, views, and other plugins; it is even possible to extend the types of plugins that can be created.

If you have developed a plugin for Protege 4 and you would like to contribute it to the community, please see Contributing plugins.