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This plugin provides a view that lets users visualize an ontology as a tag cloud (a set of related tags with corresponding weights).

    Wondering about the "shape" of your ontology? Several implementations of the popular TagCloud can give you insight into different aspects of your ontology - ratings are based on different criteria:

    • usage
    • depth in hierarchy
    • restriction count (that is, how many anonymous superclasses a class has)
    • descendant count
    • sibling count
    • interval rank (thanks to Julian Seidenberg)

    The bigger the name, the higher the rating. Sort alphabetically or by rating, and filter out low ranking entities easily.


    • All entities are hyperlinked so this view can be used as a navigation tool
    • Tooltips show the rating of the entity under the cursor
    • Sort alphabetically or by importance
    • Exaggerate the importance of higher rated entities (zoom)
    • Print the cloud

    -- Cloud Views

For more information, see: