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This plugin provides a view that creates a bundle of (mostly) static HTML pages for publishing to the Web or distributing to colleagues.

    The first rewrite of the popular OWLDoc tool that now has both an export to HTML and a dynamic view that allows you to browse from within Protégé. OWL 1.1 is supported and full use is made of the highly optimised OWLAPI Usage model. All links navigate to the appropriate resource.

    OWLDoc export

    Just provide a directory to export to and a browser will open when it finishes. OWLDoc will create a bundle of (mostly) static HTML pages for publishing to the web or distributing to colleagues (a small amount of JavaScript is used to create a fragment of the class hierarchy on each class summary page).

    OWLDoc View

    An HTML presentation of the last selected class, property or individual will be displayed as you browse. Updates to the ontology are reflected immediately.

    The browser is also implemented as a standalone web ontology browser.


    • indices for properties, classes and individuals
    • summary pages for all entities in an ontology
    • mini hierarchies rendered for navigation
    • stylesheets separate from content for pluggable look and feel

    -- OWLDoc

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