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Protege 4 User's Guide
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The guide has a number of conventions which help to keep it tidy and organized. Please try to follow these when editing and/or creating pages.


For ease of editing and printing, try to keep the "source" lines for wiki pages under 80 characters. Ideally, line breaks should be located at sentence and/or phrase boundaries. Use the existing page formatting as a model.

MediaWiki variables (eg, #var:G, #var:Pr4) are used throughout the guide as a way to shorten URLs, regularize content, etc. Global definitions are stored in Template:Pr4_UG; please don't modify them unless you know what you're doing!

MediaWiki syntax is fine for simple formatting, but it isn't as flexible or powerful as HTML. Don't be afraid to use HTML if you need it (see the source text for this page as an example).

Be careful not to add extra newlines between paragraphs, etc. Depending on the settings in effect, MediaWiki will allocate space on the rendered page for each blank line it encounters in the source.

In general, pages should be small enough to load quickly. The Glossary page doesn't meet this standard, but this exception is (somewhat) justified by the need to bounce around quickly in the page.

Marginalia, placeholders, etc.

Sometimes you may want to flag a place where editing is needed, but don't want to interrupt the appearance and/or flow of the formatted page. The guide uses specially formatted HTML comments for this purpose. These are invisible in the formatted page, but the results can be harvested for analysis, etc. See the Page Report for more information.

Page Indexing

To ease navigation, pages are indexed in multiple locations. Please update these locations if you add or rename a page:

  • the "TOC" (Table Of Contents) template and topic page for the enclosing chapter (section, in the Views chapter)
  • the Outline and Page List

Page Naming

All page names (including Image:* and Template:*) begin with the string Pr4_UG. This makes it clear that they belong to the Protege 4 User's Guide. Do not rename a page in the guide without checking with the staff; you may not be aware of links and other dependencies!

Names are subdivided according to "chapter". Names related to a chapter begin with the string Pr4_UG_cn, where cn is a two-letter abbreviation of the chapter name. The overview page for each chapter is named Pr4_UG_cn; all other pages are named Pr4_UG_cn_*.

The current list of chapter name abbreviations is as follows:

    rmRef - Menus
    rpRef - Plugins
    rtRef - Tabs
    rvRef - Views
    uiUser Interface

Names in the "Views" chapter are further subdivided by view type. The overview page for each view type is named Pr4_UG_rv_vt; all other pages are named Pr4_UG_vt_*.

The current list of view type abbreviations is as follows:

    DaData Property
    ObObject Property

Here are some representative examples:

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