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Refactor Menu

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Protege 4 User's Guide

The Refactor menu is used to access Protege 4's ontology-refactoring facilities.

See also Protege 4.X Shortcuts.

Note: In the keyboard shortcuts below, substitute "Cmd" for "Ctrl" on Mac OS X.


Change entity URI... (Ctrl-U)

Globally change the URI (not the label) for the selected entity. (This item was previously known as "Rename...".)

Change multiple entity URIs...

Globally change the URIs (not the labels) for entities, using search and replace. (This item was previously known as "Rename entities...".)

Change ontology URI...

Change the URI for the active ontology. Note that this does not change the URIs of any entities.

Convert entity URIs to labels...

Change the fragment of every entity URI into an auto ID and places the original fragment text in a label (using the current New Entities preferences).


Convert property assertion on class/individual puns to annotations

Convert any property assertions with a subject which is a pun to an annotation on the class which is punned.

Coerce data property values into property range


Split subclass axioms

Split subclass axioms in the active ontologies into more fine-grained axioms. For example, "A subClassOf (B and C)" would be split into "A subClassOf B" and "A subClassOf C".

Amalgamate subclass axioms

Merge subclass axioms that have a common left-hand side. For example, "A subClassOf B" and "A subClassOf C" would be merged into a single subclass axiom, "A subClassOf (B and C)".

Split disjoint subclasses into pairwise disjoints

Amalgamate disjoint classes into larger disjoint sets


Convert qualified min cardinality 1 to someValuesFrom


Copy/move/delete axioms...

Select axioms using several different methods. These axioms can then be deleted or moved/copied to an existing or new ontology. (This item was previously known as "Extract/move axioms".)


Merge ontologies...

Merge one or more ontologies into an existing or new ontology.