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The References Window

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In a complex project, it is possible to have many different relationships between classes, instances, and slots. A reference for a frame is any other frame that has a direct relationship to it. The References window can be viewed by selecting an item and clicking on the References (classes_class.view_references or instances_instance.view_references) button. See Viewing References for more information.

References to Advertisement dialog, "name" selected

It is also possible to view those classes that are related through a particular slot, using the Relations Menu.


For example, references for a class include:

  • any superclasses of the class

  • any direct subclasses of the class

  • any instances of the class

  • any direct slots (inherited slots are not considered to be references)

  • any notes at the class

  • the metaclass of the class

For a slot, references include:

  • any superslots or subslots

  • :STANDARD-SLOT or other slot metaclass

  • any classes that have the slot attached as a direct slot

The References window allows you to view a list of all the references of a selected frame.

The View Buttons


View Reference: Opens the editor for the highlighted frame and allows you to view the frame's properties. Depending on the frame, this could be the Class Editor, the Slot Editor, or the Instance Editor.


View References to Value: Shows the references for the highlighted frame.

The Frame Column

This column shows the name of each frame that references the highlighted item. The type of frame is indicated by a class icon, slot icon, or instance icon (instances_instance).

The Slot Column

This column specifies the slot that actually references the selected item. Note that Protege-Frames provides standard slots which indicate the relationship between the selected item and the referencing frame. For example:

DIRECT-INSTANCES The selected item is a direct instance of the frame.


The selected item is a direct superclass of the frame.


The selected item is a direct subclass of the frame.


The frame is a slot and the selected item appears as one of its values. If the selected item is an instance, it may be a value. If the selected item is a class, it may be an Allowed Superclass (for a slot of type Class) or an Allowed Class (for a slot of type Instance).

The name of any other slot in the project may also appear in this column.

The Facet Column

This column gives information about the facet value for certain types of references and gives information about the slot relationships between classes. For example, an item may appear as a value for a slot which is called by that frame.

In the illustration above, the class Author appears as an Allowed Class for the slot author, as shown in the second row. In addition, the slot author appears as a slot for the class Article. Therefore, Article references Author. This reference appears in the fifth row in the example.

For an embedded reference of this type, the facet value column specifies whether the selected item appears as an Allowed Class or an Allowed Superclass.