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Hiding a Class

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You can hide a class, using the Class menu. Hidden classes are still part of your project, but are not visible. You can use this, for example, if you want to restrict the user's view to a part of your knowledge base, but want to retain the structure of the larger project. All subclasses of a hidden class are also hidden.

You can choose whether or not hidden classes are displayed in the Class Browser by choosing Project | Configure, going to the Options tab, and toggling the Display Hidden Classes option. See Configuring a Project for more information.

Hiding a Class

To hide a class:

  1. Select the class in the Class Browser.

  2. Click the right mouse button to display the Class menu.

  3. Select Hide Class and click the left mouse button.

    Class menu, "Hide Class" selected
  4. If hidden classes are visible in your project, you will see a gray icon (e.g., classes_hide_c1), indicating that the class is hidden. If hidden classes are not visible in your project, you will no longer see the class or any of its subclasses.

Making a Hidden Class Visible

To make a hidden class visible:

  1. If you cannot see your class because hidden classes are not currently displayed, make hidden classes visible. To do this, choose Project | Configure, select Options, and make sure that Display Hidden Classes is selected.

  2. Select the class you wish to make visible.

  3. Click the right mouse button to display the Class menu.

  4. Select Make Hidden Class Visible and click the left mouse button.

    Class menu, "Make Hidden Class Visible" selected

    Note: If your class has a superclass which is hidden, it will still not display.

  5. The gray icon will be removed from your class.