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The Classes & Instances Tab

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The Classes & Instances tab is an optional tab that combines the functionality of the Classes tab and the Instances tab in a single window. In this window, you may view, create, and edit classes and instances.

To display the Classes & Instances tab, use the Configure Project dialog box.

Classes & Instances tab, "Editor" and "Author" selected

The Classes & Instances tab includes the following components:

  • A Class Browser at the left shows and allows you to work with the class hierarchy (e.g., creating and deleting classes).

  • An Instance Browser allows you to create and delete instances.

  • An Editor window on the right displays the information for the current selection. When a single class is selected, the Editor window contains the Class Editor for the selected class. When a single instance is selected, the Form pane contains the Instance Editor for the selected instance.

For information about the Classes tab user interface and accomplishing class-related tasks, see the Classes Table of Contents. For information about the Instances tab user interface and accomplishing instances-related tasks, see the Instances Table of Contents.