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The Class Icons

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The icons in the Class window provide information about the structure of your knowledge base and the nature of your classes.

Class Icons

Classes are indicated by round golden icons. Additional properties of the icons give information about the type of class:

A solid icon indicates a concrete class; that is, a class that may have direct instances:


A concrete class


A concrete metaclass

A hollow icon (with a hole) indicates an abstract class; that is, a class that cannot have direct instances. Abstract classes can have subclasses:


An abstract class


An abstract metaclass

A pale icon indicates a system class or a class that has been included from another project. These classes cannot be edited. See Including a Project for more information:


A system concrete class or an included concrete class


A system abstract class or an included abstract class


A system abstract metaclass or an included abstract metaclass

A gray icon indicates a hidden class. You can use hidden classes to restrict a user's view of your knowledge base while retaining the structure of the larger project. You choose whether or not to display the hidden classes in a project using the Configure dialog box.


A hidden concrete class


A hidden abstract class


A hidden metaclass

Hierarchy Icons

The following icons give information about the display of the class hierarchy:


All direct subclasses of the class are displayed. You can click on this icon to hide the subclasses.


The class has direct subclasses which are not currently displayed. You can click on this icon to display the subclasses.

No icon

The absence of a all_hierarchy.expanded or a all_hierarchy.collapsed indicates that the class has no subclasses. In the newspaper example, Library has no subclasses.

Note: To display all subclasses below a class, right-click the class and select Expand from the cascading Class menu.