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The Slot Icons

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The icons in the Slot Browser and the Template Slots pane give information about the slots. There are two types of icons: slot icons and hierarchy icons.

Slot Icons

These icons give information about a slot. When a class inherits a class from a superclass, icons in the Template Slots pane give information related to the inheritance and overrides; these icons are not shown anywhere else.


A blue rectangle indicates a slot. In the Template Slots pane, this icon means that the slot is direct; that is, it was attached directly to the selected class. responsible_for is a direct slot.


(Template Slots pane only) A bracketed icon means that the slot is inherited from one of the selected class's ancestors. Inherited slots can be edited, but not deleted; there are also some restrictions on the edits that are allowed.


(Template Slots pane only) A bracketed icon with an O inside it means the slot has overrides; that is, the slot is inherited and it has been modified at the class.


A pale icon indicates a system slot or a slot that has been included from another project. These slots cannot be edited.

Hierarchy Icons

(Slot Browser only) If you have created any subslots, the following icons in the Slot Browser give information about the display of the slot hierarchy:


All direct subslots of the slot are displayed. You can click on this icon to hide the subslots.


The slot has direct subslots which are not currently displayed. You can click on this icon to display the subslots.

No icon

The absence of an "expanded" (all_hierarchy.expanded) or a "collapsed" (all_hierarchy.collapsed) icon indicates that the slot has no subslots.

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