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Editing a Top-Level Slot

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Editing at the top-level changes the definition of the slot. The changes appear everywhere the slot occurs, including the Slots tab and all the classes that reference the slot.

You can edit the top-level properties of a slot in two locations:

From the Slots Tab

To edit the properties of a slot from the Slots tab:

  1. Select the slot you wish to edit in the Slot pane of the Slots tab.

  2. Click the View Slot (slots_slot.view_top_level) button or press Enter/Return. This will open the Slot Editor for the selected slot.

From the Template Slots Pane

To edit the top-level properties of a slot from the Template Slots pane in the Classes tab:

  1. Select a class in the Class Browser in the Classes tab.

  2. Select the slot you wish to edit in the Template Slots pane.

  3. Open the Slot Editor in one of the following ways:

    • Click the View Top-level Slot (slots_slot.view_top_level) Template Slot button at the upper right of the template Template Slots pane

    • or Double-click the slot and select View top-level slot in the Select Slot View dialog box, then click OK.

      Select Slot View dialog

You can also override the slot properties at a class and all of its subclasses without changing the top-level slot. See Overriding Slot Properties at a Class for more information.

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