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The Value Type Menu

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The Value Type menu in the Slot Editor allows you to select the slot value type, which determines the kind of values that the slot may hold. When a value type of Class, Instance, or Symbol is selected, an additional pane appears below the Value Type menu.

Value Type menu

When you are creating instances for a slot, the slot type also determines how the slot is displayed in the Instance Editor. See the Standard Widgets for more information about instances and type.

The following value types are available:

  • Any: the slot can take any of the values on the menu.

  • Boolean: a logical, Boolean value; i.e., a value that is either true or false

  • Class: the slot takes one or more classes as values

  • Float: the slot has a floating-point number as a value

  • Instance: the slot takes one or more instances as values

  • Integer: the slot takes an integer as a value

  • String: the slot takes ASCII text strings as values

  • Symbol: the slot takes values from a list of strings you define

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