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The Superslots Pane

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The Superslots pane, at the bottom of the Slot Browser, displays all the superslots of the slot that is currently selected. This pane provides the interface for adding, locating, removing, or viewing superslots.

Slot Browser, including Superslots pane

Note: If you cannot see the Superslots pane, your window may be too small. You can see the pane by enlarging your window or by dragging the slider bar at the bottom of the Slot Browser. See Working With a Small Window for more information.

Viewing the List of Superslots

To see a list of all superslots of a given slot, highlight any occurrence of the slot in the Slot Browser. The Superslots pane automatically displays a list of all of the superslots of the selected slot.

Adding a Superslot

To add a superslot to the selected slot, click the Add Superslot (slots_slot.add) button, highlight the slot you want as an additional superslot in the Select Slot window, and then click OK.

Removing a Superslot

To remove a superslot from the list of superslots for the selected slot, highlight the superslot you want to remove, and click the Remove Superslot (slots_slot.remove) button. The superslot/subslot relationship is broken, but the superslot is not deleted from the knowledge base.

Locating Another Superslot

To jump to a different superslot in the Slot Browser, click on any superslot in the Superslots pane. The highlight in the Slot Browser automatically moves to the occurrence of the slot which is directly under the chosen superslot. If the occurrence is not currently visible in the Slot Browser, Protege-Frames automatically scrolls to the correct location and expands the hierarchy to make the slot visible.

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