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Working With a Small Window

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Working With a Small Window
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Protege-Frames displays a lot of information in many of its windows. In some cases, if your window is sized to fit on a smaller screen, not all of the information will appear. In this case, you might have trouble finding some of the following:

To view or enlarge these areas, try any of the following:

  • Enlarge the Protege window by dragging it. A hidden section will usually appear if the window becomes large enough.

  • Drag the slider bar to the position where the hidden section should be. For example, to view the Search Results pane, place the cursor over the slider bar at the right of the window, and drag the bar to the left. To view the Superclasses pane, Query Library pane, or Classes pane, place the cursor over the slider bar at the bottom left of the window and drag the bar up.

  • If your window is very small, you can toggle between two panes by clicking on the arrows on the slider bar. For example, to toggle between the Query Editor and the Query Library pane, click the up arrow on the slider bar to display only the Query Library pane; click the down arrow to display only the Query Editor.

You can also customize the distance between any of the panes, using the slider bars in the same way.