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Working With Notes

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Working With Notes
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Protege-Frames allows you add a note to the Editor for any frame; that is, a class, instance, or slot. These notes, which are not part of the ontology structure, float over the Editor for that frame.

The buttons for working with a note are located at the top right of the Editor. This picture shows them in the Class Editor:

Class Editor header, showing buttons

These buttons allow you to add, delete, display, or hide a note.

Adding a Note

To add a note to a frame:

  1. Click the Create Note (windows_class_note.create, windows_slot_note.create, windows_instance_note.create) icon at the top right of the Editor (e.g., Class Editor, Instance Editor, etc.) A yellow note will be created.

    Sticky note (empty)
  2. Click in the note and type the desired text.

    Sticky note (filled)

As always, you can resize or reposition the note by dragging. However, you cannot move it out of the Editor window.

Deleting a Note

To remove a note:

  1. Click the Delete Note (windows_class_note.delete, windows_slot_note.delete, windows_instance_note.delete) button at the top right of the Editor.

  2. If there is only one note, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Click OK.

  3. If there is more than one note, a list of notes will be displayed. Select the note you wish to delete and click OK.

    Select a note... dialog

Hiding Existing Notes

You can hide all existing notes for the current tab. When you do this:

  • Only the notes for the current tab (Classes, Slots, or Instances) are hidden.

  • New notes that you create after hiding will display. To hide additional notes, first display all notes and then hide them again.

To hide all existing notes for the current tab:

  1. Click the Hide Notes (windows_class_note.hide, windows_slot_note.hide, windows_instance_note.hide) button at the top right of the Editor. The button will change to show that notes have been hidden.

Displaying Hidden Notes

When notes have been hidden, the Hide Notes button changes to show it has been selected:

Hide Notes button

To display all notes for the current tab:

  1. Click the Hide Notes icon.

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