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Closing the Current Tab

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You can choose not to display a Protege-Frames tab by closing it. For example, if you do not wish to edit Forms, you might choose to close the Forms tab. You might also close a tab for a plugin you are not planning to use in this project. A closed tab will no longer display in your project, but will display in other Protege-Frames projects.


To close a tab:

  1. Click on the tab that you want to close, making sure that it is the current view displayed in the Protege-Frames window.

  2. Select Window | Close Current View. The selected tab will no longer display.

You can also close a tab using the Configure dialog box.

Restoring a Closed Tab

To restore a closed tab, you can use the Configure dialog box:

  1. Select Project | Configure....

  2. Make sure Tab Widgets is selected.

  3. To display a hidden tab, make sure the box is checked.

  4. Click OK.

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