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The Query Library Pane

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The Query Library pane lists saved queries and allows you to view, retrieve, and delete them.

Query Library pane

Note: If you are working with a smaller screen, you may not see this pane. To view or enlarge the Library pane, drag the slider bar near the bottom of the Query Editor (above the Query Library pane), or click the up button at the bottom of the Query Editor. See Working With a Small Window for more information.

The Query Library pane has the following components:

  1. A list of all saved queries.

  2. Buttons that allow you to view, retrieve, or delete a query.

The buttons at the right of the pane have the following actions:


View Query: displays the Query Editor for a selected query.


Retrieve Query: retrieves the query, displaying it in the Query Editor ready for modification or for finding instances.


Delete Query: deletes the highlighted querie(s) from the Query Library.