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The Search Results Pane

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The Search Results pane, at the right of the Query tab, displays the query results when you click Find.

Note: If you are working on a smaller screen, you may not see this pane. To view or enlarge the Search Results pane, drag the slider bar. See Working With a Small Window for more information.

Search Results pane

The Search Results pane has the following components:

  1. A list box which shows all instances that match the most recent query.

  2. Buttons which allow you to get more information about a selected instance.

  3. A Find bar which allows you to find an instance in a long list.

The buttons at the top right of the pane have the following actions:


View Instance: Opens the Instance Editor for a selected instance.


View References to Instance: Opens the References window to show all references to the selected instance.


Export Slot Values: Exports the list of instances and the values of selected slots to a text file.