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Combining Multiple Queries

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The More button, at the bottom of the Query Editor, allows you to combine multiple query bars into a single query. To combine multiple queries:

  1. Create the first query, as described in Creating a Single Query or Retrieving a Query.

  2. Click the More button. An additional query bar will be displayed.

    More button
  3. Fill in the new query bar, either manually or by retrieving another query. You may use the same class or slot, but you do not have to.

  4. Continue to click the More button, creating query bars as necessary to add more criteria to your query.

  5. Specify how the criteria should be combined:

    • To see instances that match all the criteria specified (Boolean AND), click Match All.

    • To see all instances that match at least one of the different query bars (Boolean OR), click Match Any.

  6. To run your query, click the Find button:

    Find button

If you are combining multiple queries, and wish to remove the criteria in the last (bottom-most) query bar:

  1. Click Fewer. The bottom-most query bar will be removed.