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The Slot Buttons

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Removing Overrides From a Slot
Understanding Inverse Slots
Creating an Inverse Slot Relationship
Working with Subslots
Finding a Slot
The Slot Hierarchy Window
The Slot Icons
The Superslots Pane
Glossary, Editing Help

The slot buttons, located at the top right of the Slot Browser in the Slots tab, allow you to view/edit, create, or delete a slot. You can also perform these commands by right-clicking on a slot and selecting a command from the Slot menu.

The buttons have the following actions:


View Slot: Opens the Slot Editor for the highlighted slot. You can also view a slot by double-clicking it in the Slot Browser. If you make any changes to the slot from the Slots tab, they affect the slot everywhere it appears, including the Slots tab and all classes where the slot is attached. See Viewing a Slot.


Create Slot: Creates a new slot.


Delete Slot: Deletes the highlighted slot from the project. See Deleting a Slot.

You can also view, create, and edit slots from the Template Slots pane. See the Template Slot buttons for more information.

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