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The Instance Buttons

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The Instance buttons, located at the top right of the Instance Browser, allow you to view/edit, view references to, create, copy, or delete an instance. Note that these icons have a similar action wherever they appear.

The buttons have the following actions:


View Instance: Opens the Instance Editor for the highlighted instance. See Displaying an Instance.


View References to Instance: Shows all the objects that reference the highlighted instance. See Viewing References.


Create Instance: Creates a new instance for the class highlighted in the Class Browser at the Instances tab. See Creating an Instance Directly.


Copy Instance: Copies the selected instance. See Copying an Instance.


Delete Instance button: Deletes the highlighted instance. See Deleting an Instance.

If the View Instance or Delete Instance button is grayed out, this indicates that the current instance cannot be edited or deleted. Such an instance always has a pale icon to its left. Instances cannot be edited if they are included from another project.

If the Create Instance button is grayed out, no instances can be created for the class selected in the Class Browser. This is the case if the class is abstract, shown by a class icon with a hole (e.g., classes_class.abstract, classes_class.metaclass.abstract).

Additional Buttons

The buttons above have the same operation wherever they appear. Additional buttons in the Protege-Frames interface allow you to add and remove the instances specified for a relationship.


Add Instance: Displays a dialog box that allows you to select one or more existing instances.


Remove Instance: Removes the instance from the current relationship without deleting it from the knowledge base.

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