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Deleting an Instance

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To delete an instance from the knowledge base:

  1. Display the Instances tab.

  2. In the Class Browser, select the class which contains the instance you want to delete. If the class is not currently displayed, you may need to navigate to it via the class hierarchy. The instances for the selected class are displayed in the Instance Browser.

  3. In the Instance Browser, select the instance that you want to delete. To highlight multiple instances, use the Ctrl (Cmd) key; to highlight a range of instances, use the Shift key.

  4. Click the Delete Instance (instances_instance.delete) instance button. You will be prompted for confirmation.

Once an instance has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. You may wish to save or archive your project before deleting instances.

You can also remove a value from a field of type Instance. This does not remove the instance from the knowledge base. See Instance fields in the Standard fields for more information.

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