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Changing the Class of an Instance

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You can change the class of an instance, using drag-and-drop in the Instances tab. To change the class of an instance:

  1. Select the instance you wish to move:

  2. Hold down the mouse button and drag the instance from the Instance Browser to the Class Browser, until it is on top of the desired class.

  3. Release the mouse. The instance will now have the selected class as its direct type. Note that the slots of the dragged instance will automatically change to reflect the inheritance from the new class.

When you drag an instance to a new class, the fields in the instance will change to match the slots in the class. If you drag an instance, you may lose some of the information in your instance. This loss is permanent. You cannot restore the information by dragging the instance back to the original class. Therefore, you should be sure that you want to make these changes before you drag an instance to a new class. You may also wish to archive the project before you move instances.

In addition, any changes you make will be evident wherever that instance is referenced - for example, if that instance appears as the value of a field, the change will also occur in the field. You can use the View References to Instance (instances_instance.view_references) button to see where this instance is referenced, before changing its class.