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Selecting a Widget Display

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Some slot types have multiple widget configurations that can be selected from the Widget Type menu. For example, a String slot can have a number of different widgets, such as a TextFieldWidget, TextAreaWidget, a UniqueStringWidget, or a YellowStickyWidget. By experimenting with these widgets, you can learn how to use them to get the desired display.

forms_textareawidget_instance   forms_yellowstickywidget_small

Various String Widgets

You can also remove a widget from the form by hiding it completely.

Using the Selected Widget Type Menu

To select a different display for your widget from one of the available configurations:

  1. In the Form Browser at the left of the Forms tab, select the name of the class whose form you wish to edit.

  2. Click the widget you wish to edit in the Form Editor. The widget will be outlined.

  3. Click the Selected Widget Type menu. A list of possible widget types will be displayed.

  4. Select the type of widget that you wish to use.

If you do not select a widget type, Protege-Frames uses a default type, based on the value type of the slot.

Using the Configure Form Dialog Box

You can also select different widgets, using the Configure Form dialog box.

Configure Form dialog, Widgets tab

To change the widget type for the slot:

  1. Double-click on an empty part of the form to display the Form Configuration dialog box.

  2. Click on the widget name in the widget column. A menu will show the list of standard widget types for the slot.

    Note: If the menu does not display, click on the down arrow at the right.

    Configure Form dialog, with menu
  3. Select the widget you want.

  4. Click OK.

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