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The Forms Tab

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The Forms tab provides a single window in which you may view and edit prototype forms. The forms you design and create at the Forms tab can be viewed in their final format at the Instances tab. End users will use the finished forms to enter instances into the knowledge base.

The Forms tab consists of two panes:

  1. The Form Browser pane, at the left, shows the hierarchy of all the classes and allows you to clear all customizations from your form. You can also create a form with one of the following preset layouts: the default, a form that has been created for a superclass, or a form for another class.

  2. The Form Editor pane, at the right, shows the layout of the form associated with the selected class. Each slot in the class is associated with a user-interface widget on the form. If you have not modified the form, Protege-Frames uses a default layout based on the slot type and cardinality.

The Form EditorThe Form Browser
Forms tab, "Editor" selected

As mentioned above, the forms you design will appear at the Instances tab. Click to see this example as it appears at the Instances tab.

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