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Using a ResourceListWidget

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ResourceListWidget is an optional widget for slots of type String with multiple Cardinality. It is similar in appearance and operation to the default StringListWidget, but allows the end-user to enter a list of URIs. Basic syntax checking is performed on each entered URI, but does not verify that the URI can be accessed.


To enter a value in a ResourceList field at the Instances tab:

  1. Click the Add Value (all_object.add) button.

  2. A dialog box will appear, prompting you to enter a URI as a value.

    Resource List dialog
  3. If the string is not a URI, an error message will be displayed:

    Invalid URI dialog
  4. If the string appears to be a URI, the string will be added to the resource list.

You can also view/edit a resource by highlighting it and selecting the View Value (all_object.view) button, or delete a resource by highlighting it and clicking the Delete Value (all_object.remove) button.