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Customizing a ContainsWidget

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ContainsWidget is an optional widget for slots of type Instance. It contains a version of the Instance Editor for each value of the slot. ContainsWidget is useful primarily for Instance slots where the Editor for the Allowed Classes is fairly simple, and where the cardinality is single or small.

For a widget that provides a summary of selected fields, see InstanceRowWidget or InstanceTableWidget.


You can perform the standard customizations:

The Configure Widget dialog box for a ContainsWidget has the following additional customizations: Appearance, Instance Creation, and Summary Panel.


The Appearance tab allows you to control how the "subwidgets", or Instance Editors, are displayed:

  1. Double-click on the widget to open the Configure Widget dialog box.

  2. Click the Appearance tab.

    Configure Widget dialog, Appearance tab
  3. Select the options you want:

    • Allow subordinate widgets to be selected: allows the user to select and edit the Instance Editor(s) directly inside the widget.

    • Use separator between subwidgets: places a horizontal line between subwidgets.

    • Space to put between subwidgets: specifies the spacing, in points.

    • Stack subwidgets vertically: chooses between a vertical or horizontal display for the subwidgets.

Instance Creation

If you are allowing end-users to create new instances from this field, you can control various aspects. If you do not want users to create instances, disable the Create Instance (instances_instance.create) button, using the Action Buttons tab.

  1. Double-click on the widget to open the Configure Widget dialog box.

  2. Click the Instance Creation tab.

    Configure Widget dialog, Instance Creation tab
  3. Select the basic options you want:

    • Display forms for newly-created instances: When enabled, the Instance Editor is automatically displayed whenever the end-user creates a new instance. This allows the user to define the properties of the instance.

    • Newly inserted instances are selected: When this option is enabled, the form corresponding to the new instance is automatically selected.

    • Insert at point of current selection: This option is self-explanatory.

  4. Select the Prototype Depth to control how the values in this field are copied if the instance that contains this field is copied:

    • Shallow Copy: if the containing instance is copied, the copy has the same instance(s) as values for this field that the original does.

    • Depth 1 Copy: If the containing instance is copied, the value(s) of this field will be shallow copies of the original instances in this field. For example, if this field contains three instances and the containing instance is copied, the new instance will have three new instances at this field; they will be identical to the previous instances, except for the name.

    • Deep Copy: New instances are created for each instance in the field and for any additional referenced instances. See What is a Deep Copy? for more information.

Summary Panel

The Summary Panel is shown at the top of the widget.

  1. Double-click on the widget to open the Configure Widget dialog box.

  2. Click the Summary Panel tab.

    Configure Widget dialog, Summary Panel tab
  3. Select the options you want:

    • Display Summary Panel: displays or hides the summary panel

    • Display Total Number of Subordinate Instances: gives the number of instances in the field.

    • Display Browser Keys of Subordinate Instances: in the current version, this has no effect.