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Hiding a Widget

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In addition to selecting a different widget type, you can hide a widget completely, or redisplay a hidden widget.

Using the Selected Widget Type Menu

The Selected Widget Type menu, at the top right of the Form Editor, allows you to hide a widget:

  1. Select the widget you wish to hide by clicking it once. The widget will be outlined.

  2. Select <none> from the Selected Widget Type menu. The selected widget will be removed from the form.

Using the Configure Form Dialog Box

  1. Double-click on an empty part of the form to display the Form Configuration dialog box.

  2. Click on the widget name in the widget column. A menu will show the list of standard widget types for the slot.

    Note: If the menu does not display, click on the down arrow at the right.

    Configure Form dialog, widget menu
  3. Select <none>.

  4. Click OK.

Redisplaying a Hidden Widget

To redisplay a widget which is no longer visible on the form:

  1. Double-click on an empty part of the form to display the Form Configuration dialog box.

  2. Select the widget you want to redisplay by clicking on its name at the Widget tab.

  3. Click on the text <none> under the Widget column.

  4. Select a different display type for the widget.

  5. Click OK.

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