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Last Update: 07/06/2007
Current Version: {{{CurrentVersion}}}
Homepage: Protege-OWL Website

The Protege-OWL editor is an extension of Protege that supports the Web Ontology Language (OWL).

Plugins for Protege-OWL

This section lists available plugins for Protege-OWL and their associated topics.

PluginAssociated topics
ACE ViewNatural Language Processing
Advanced Annotation SearchSearch
Semantic Web
Annotation Search ViewSemantic Web
Annotation Template ViewSemantic Web
AxioméRule Management
Rule Elicitation
Rule Visualization
Rule Paraphrasing
Rule Categorization
Bayesian Network Tab (BNTab)Export
BeanshellViewSemantic Web
Software Engineering
BioPortal Import PluginImport
Biomedical Informatics
BioPortal Reference PluginBiomedical Informatics
... further results

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Versions of Protege-OWL

This section lists versions of Protege-OWL with associated changelogs.

VersionChangelogRelease date
Protege-OWL 5.2.0see page for more details15 March 2017
Protege-OWL 5.1.0see page for more details11 October 2016
Protege-OWL 5.0.0see page for more details24 May 2016
Protege-OWL 4.3Release notes11 April 2013
Protege-OWL 4.2Release notes18 March 2013
Protege-OWL 4.1Release notes26 July 2011
Protege-OWL 4.0.2Release notes3 December 2009
Protege-OWL 4.0.1Release notes28 October 2009
Protege-OWL 4.0Release notes16 June 2009
Protege-OWL 3.5see page for more details24 April 2013
Protege-OWL 3.4.8Release notes12 January 2012
Protege-OWL 3.4.7Release notes15 July 2011
Protege-OWL 3.4.6Release notes25 April 2011
Protege-OWL 3.4.5Release notes11 March 2011
Protege-OWL 3.4.4Release notes8 March 2010
Protege-OWL 3.4.3Release notes3 February 2010
Protege-OWL 3.4.2Release notes16 December 2009
Protege-OWL 3.4.1 June 2009
Protege-OWL 3.4 March 2009
Protege-OWL 3.3.1 August 2007
Protege-OWL 3.2.1 December 2006
Protege-OWL 3.1.1 August 2005
Protege-OWL 3.0 February 2005
Protege-OWL 2.1.2 August 2004

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More Details

OWL is the most recent development in standard ontology languages, endorsed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to promote the Semantic Web vision. "An OWL ontology may include descriptions of classes, properties and their instances. Given such an ontology, the OWL formal semantics specifies how to derive its logical consequences, i.e. facts not literally present in the ontology, but entailed by the semantics. These entailments may be based on a single document or multiple distributed documents that have been combined using defined OWL mechanisms" (see the OWL Web Ontology Language Guide).


The Protege-OWL editor enables users to:

  • Load and save OWL and RDF ontologies.
  • Edit and visualize classes, properties and SWRL rules.
  • Define logical class characteristics as OWL expressions.
  • Execute reasoners such as description logic classifiers.
  • Edit OWL individuals for Semantic Web markup.

Protege-OWL's flexible architecture makes it easy to configure and extend the tool. Protege-OWL is tightly integrated with Jena and has an open-source Java API for the development of custom-tailored user interface components or arbitrary Semantic Web services.


Further documentation about Protege-OWL is available in the documentation section of the Protege-OWL Web site, including the popular Protege OWL Tutorial and the Protege-OWL FAQ.


View screenshots of Protege-OWL.

Example Ontologies

Browse examples of ontologies created in OWL.