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Lucene Query plug-in Protege 3.4.5

Protege 3.4.5 Patch Release -- March 11, 2011


Release Notes

Core Protege

  • Fixed a database connection leak.
  • Removed unicode_panel.jar from the classpath of Protege server's startup script because it threw headless exceptions if Protege-OWL used Forms.
  • Made some updates to the Metaproject API. The Metaproject API facilitates programmatic access to Protege's Metaproject, which is used by the client-server version of Protege.

Change Management

  • Added new options to the Change menu (under Change | Clean Up Changes Ontology...):
    • Delete sub-changes (keep only top-level changes)
    • Wipe out changes and annotations (replace ChAO with an empty one)
  • The Change menu will now only appear if change tracking is enabled.
  • Implemented a fix for storing timestamps with different locales in the ChAO.
  • Added a watchedBranch property to the ChAO.
  • Significantly improved performance of the initial change caching for database mode.
  • Added a column in the Change History table to display the ontology entity on which the change occurred.

Lucene Query

  • It's now possible to configure which entities, i.e., classes, properties, or individuals, should be indexed.
  • The query result list can now be filtered by entity type, i.e, class, property, individual, using check-boxes at the bottom of the result list.
  • It's now possible to index the browser text for entities by indexing the :NAME slot. A current limitation is that you also need to index the properties/slots that are part of browser slot patterns to ensure that the browser text index will be correctly updated. We're working on a better solution for this.
  • Implemented support for expanded queries for browser text, e.g., "mal mel" will retrieve results for "malignant melanoma".


BioPortal Reference


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