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Topic - Biomedical Informatics

BioPortal Import Plugin
The BioPortal Import Plugin allows users to import classes from external ontologies stored in the BioPortal ontology repository. The user can import entire trees of classes with a desired depth and choose which properties to import for each class. This plugin works with Protege 3.x releases, not Protege 4.x.
BioPortal Reference Plugin
The BioPortal Reference Plugin allows the user to insert into the ontology references to external ontologies and terminologies stored in BioPortal.
OPL Plugin
The OPL (Ontology Processing Language) transformation language has been designed as part of the GONG project. It has been adapted to work within Protege 4.x to test what further requirements are needed for ontology transforms.
[[Image:|thumb|170px|center]] SADI Service plugin
The SADI plugin for Protege is a a collection of views and tools, available in a single tab, that simplify the provision of SADI Semantic Web Services by integrating the service creation and deployment environment into the ontology design environment. This allows drag-n-drop editing and testing of SADI Service interfaces from the ontologies and knowledgebases displayed in Protege.
[[Image:|thumb|170px|center]] Snorocket
Snorocket for Protege is a Java implementation of the polynomial classification algorithm described by Baader et al in Pushing the EL Envelope and packaged for use as a reasoner in Protege.

Snorocket is capable of classifying SNOMED CT in under 1 minute.

Snow Owl
Snow Owl is a free SNOMED CT browser and authoring tool integrating Protégé.
Allows users to search the National Library of Medicine's Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) and annotate Protege ontologies with terms, concept IDs, synonyms, relations, and other information from the UMLS.

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