Stanford University

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Stanford University

Email not available
Homepage Stanford University website
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Affiliated Plug-ins

This section shows all plug-ins that are affiliated with Stanford University.

Plug-in(s)Last update
ChangeAnalysisTab4 March 2010
Changes Tab9 January 2008
Collaborative Protege13 February 2009
DataMaster24 June 2008
EditorPanePlain14 November 2007
JSave24 April 2008
OBOConverter20 December 2006
OSGi Debug Plugin21 August 2009
OntoGraf12 April 2010
OntoViz11 July 2007
PROMPT20 December 2006
Protege Axiom Language (PAL) Tabs12 September 2006
Protege-OWL Code Generator14 March 2012
SPARQL Query20 January 2012
Search API2 March 2004
UMLS Tab14 September 2006
XML Tab11 July 2007

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