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Protege 4.0.1 Patch Release -- October 28, 2009

Release Notes

  • Removed the ability to choose an output format (e.g., OWL/XML, OWL Functional Syntax, etc.) when saving an ontology. Protege 4.0.1 only supports the RDF/XML format. The reason for this change is that we discovered that all the other formats have problems that will not be resolved until we move to version 3 of the OWL API. We plan to move to version 3 in an alpha release of Protege 4.1, which will be out shortly.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented proper importing of certain ontologies (e.g., time, protege.owl, protege-dc.owl).
  • Updated the underlying Eclipse engine so that it will report machine architectures more accurately (this is significant for the FaCT++ reasoner).
  • Users are now given a reload option if Protege encounters a syntax error while trying to load an ontology. This allows users to attempt to correct the problem and try again.


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