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Protege 3.4.7 Patch Release -- July 15, 2011

Release Notes

Core Protege

- Fixed a problem that caused a warning dialog to appear each time Protege started.

- Fixed a bug that caused newly created and renamed instances in OWL ontologies to be displayed with the original name (only present in client-server mode).

- Added the serialVersionUID to all serializable classes in protege-core, owl, and a number of plug-ins (standard-extensions, protege-pellet-reasoner, rdf-backend, change-management, change-analysis, protege-collab, chat, prompt, lucene-query, bioportal-reference-plug). This will improve compatibility between different versions of Protege servers and clients.

BioPortal Reference Plug-in

- Updated the BioPortal Reference Plug-in to work with the latest release of NCBO BioPortal, which now requires a mandatory argument be appended to all REST calls (read more).

BioPortal Import Plug-in

- The BioPortal Import Plug-in is now bundled with the default Protege installation. It is integrated into the OWL Classes tab as an extra button that allows importation of classes or class sub-tress from ontologies stored in NCBO BioPortal. The plug-in is highly configurable, and supports importation of class properties, e.g., labels, synonyms, defintions, and metadata, e.g., import author, timestamp, source ontology, etc. (read more). New versions will be downloadable from the plug-in's wiki page.

BioPortal Java API

- The BioPortal Java API used by both the BioPortal Reference and Import plug-ins was modified to be less sensitive to NCBO BioPortal service changes. The API is documented on this wiki.


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