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Topic - Natural Language Processing

[[Image:|thumb|170px|center]] ACE View
ACE View is an ontology and rule editor that uses Attempto Controlled English (ACE) in order to create, view and edit OWL 2 ontologies and SWRL rulesets.

The ClojureTab uses the Clojure programming language for simple programming in the Protege environment, on-the-fly debugging, and storing programs in Protege projects. Contains: 1. Integrated development environment for Clojure language ( 2. Protege API for Clojure language 3. Rule engine and Expert system shell rete4frames ( 4. Algorithms visual development environment

DISCO Word Spaces is a tab widget for retrieving semantically similar words and collocations

for a query word. The similarities have been computed on the basis of large text corpora for different languages and domains. DISCO Word Spaces helps at ontology building by suggesting similar and related words.

A general-purpose text annotation tool that is integrated with the Protege knowledge representation system.
NaturalOWL generates descriptions of individuals and classes from OWL ontologies that have been annotated with linguistic and user modeling resources expressed in RDF. Currently it supports English and Greek.
Ontoling adding terms to a concept.gif
Facilitates linguistic enrichment of ontologies and includes an interface for WordNet (from 1.6 to 2.1) and DICT dictionaries. Check the

home page for further details

Ontology Generation Plugin (DOG4DAG) screenshot.png
Ontology Generation Plugin (DOG4DAG)
The ontology generation plug-in includes
  • Generation of terms from natural language text (English or German) that can be retrieved from PubMed, the Web or from PDF documents
  • Domain-independent generation of natural language definitions
  • Discovery of siblings from existing terms with identical parent terms
  • Prediction of sub-class relationships
  • Automatic mapping of generated terms to existing ontologies using the BioPortal Web Service or the EBI Ontology Lookup Service
Termine screen2.png
TerMine Plugin
The TerMine Plugin uses text mining tools to extract candidate terms from a corpus of text and provides an interface for rapidly bringing these terms into an OWL ontology.

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