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New Change Analysis plug-in

Protege 3.4.4 Patch Release -- March 8, 2010


Release Notes

Core Protege

  • Fixed a bug that caused the creation of new database projects to fail on certain machines.
  • Fixed several caching problems that occurred when Protege is run in client-server mode.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the native writer to output invalid statements when exporting database projects to OWL files.
  • Fixed a bug in the Protege-OWL parser for dealing with ontologies with untyped resources.
  • Implemented a faster algorithm for computing orphan classes in the Protege-OWL parser.


Change Analysis

Bundling the new ChangeAnalysisTab plug-in. The plug-in provides different views for exploring the annotation/change ontology associated with a Protege project that uses the Change Management plug-in. Changes and annotations can be explored based on authors, ontology terms, and visualized with respect to the life cycle of the project.

Many thanks go to Sean Falconer for this contribution.

Collaborative Protege

Only top-level changes associated with a class are displayed. In previous versions, sub-changes were also shown.

BioPortal Reference

Updated the BioPortal Reference plug-in to store the short term ID properly.


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