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The Queries Tab

Protege-Frames User's Guide
The Queries Tab
The Query Editor
The Search Results Pane
The Query Library Pane
Creating a Single Query
Combining Multiple Queries
Chaining Multiple Queries
Running a Query
Saving a Query
Retrieving a Query
Clearing a Query
Exporting Query Results
Glossary, Editing Help

The Queries tab allows you to create, run, and save queries. Queries are not part of your knowledge base, but are a way to identify (i.e., select) the instances in your project, based on class and slot properties.

The Queries tab consists of the following:

  1. The Query Editor, where you enter or modify your query. You can also combine multiple queries.

  2. The Find button, which runs a query:

    Find button
  3. The Search Results pane, which displays the query results when you click Find.

  4. The Save Query bar, which allows you to name and save a query.

  5. The Query Library, which allows you to view, delete, and retrieve saved queries. Saved queries can be modified or combined.

Note: If you are working on a smaller screen, you may not see all of these panes. To view or enlarge the Query Library pane, drag the slider bar near the bottom of the Queries tab. To view or enlarge the Search Results pane, drag the slider bar between the Search Results pane and the Query Editor. See Working With a Small Window for more information.

The Query EditorThe Query EditorThe Query Library paneRunning a QuerySaving a QueryThe Search Results pane
Queries tab