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Saving a Query

Protege-Frames User's Guide
The Queries Tab
The Query Editor
The Search Results Pane
The Query Library Pane
Creating a Single Query
Combining Multiple Queries
Chaining Multiple Queries
Running a Query
Saving a Query
Retrieving a Query
Clearing a Query
Exporting Query Results
Glossary, Editing Help

Once you have a set up a query the way you like, as described in Creating a Query or Combining Multiple Query Bars, you can save it in the Query Library to retrieve it later. This is especially useful for complex queries or for queries that you use often.

To save a query:

  1. Create a simple or complex query.

  2. Enter a name for the query in the Save Query bar. It is a good idea to use a name that describes the query, such as "Articles that are urgent".

    Save Query bar
  3. Click the Add to Query Library (queries_query.library.add) button. The query will be saved in the Query Library.

See Retrieving a Query for information on running a saved query.