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Setting Preferences

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You can set some basic preferences for the Protege-Frames interface, using the Preferences dialog box.

Preferences dialog

Note: You can set additional configuration options by choosing Project | Configuration. Preferences apply to all Protege projects, while Configuration applies to the current project.

To use the Preferences dialog:

  1. Select File Preferences...

  2. You can set the following preferences:

    • Show Welcome Dialog on Start-up: You can choose whether or not to see the Welcome dialog box each time you start Protege-Frames. This dialog asks you to open, import, or create a new project. If you choose to disable the Welcome dialog box, you can perform these actions from the menus.

    • Capitalize Slot Widget Names: This controls an aspect of the Forms interface. To distinguish slot names from class names, a recommended convention is to make internal slot names lowercase. If this option is selected, Protege-Frames automatically capitalizes the names of slots on the forms it creates.

    • User Name: The user name is shown on sticky notes. The default name is the login name you use to access your computer system. If you wish to customize the displayed name, select Use Specified Name and enter your desired name in the entry box.

  3. Once you have set the Preferences to your satisfaction, click OK to implement your changes.