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Activating an Included Project

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In a project that has included projects, you can choose which project to activate. This restricts the frames you can view in the Protege-Frames window to the ones from the project you have chosen. Note that you are still working with your including project and you cannot make edits which would affect the included project.

  • Activating an included project hides all projects at the same or higher level as that project.

  • Activating the current (top-level) project shows all frames and forms in the entire project hierarchy.

To activate an included project:

  1. Select Manage Included Projects from the Project menu. The current project, and its included projects, if any, will be shown in a project hierarchy.

  2. Select the project that you want to activate.

  3. Click the Activate Selected Project button at the top right of the Manage Included Projects dialog box.

  4. Unless you are activating the top-level project, you will receive a warning:

    "Changing the active project..." warning dialog
  5. Click Yes to continue. Your project view will change.