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Class View - Superclass Hierarchy (inferred)

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Class Hierarchy (inferred)
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Superclass Hierarchy
Superclass Hierarchy (inferred)

This view allows display and editing of information about the inferred superclass hierarchy.

Note: The order of the displayed hierarchy may seem a bit odd, at first. The selected class will always appear at the top of the hierarchy. And, because Thing is always the uppermost class, it will always appear at the bottom of the hierarchy.


The images below were displayed by a test tab, added to the Pizza Ontology.

The first image isn't very interesting; it just tells us that DomainConcept has Thing as its direct superclass. In fact, this is really just an asserted class hierarchy: no inferred superclasses are shown.

Before we look at an actual inferred superclass hierarchy, however, let's look at the corresponding asserted superclass hierarchy. This shows us that SloppyGiuseppe has five superclasses, including (in order) NamedPizza, Pizza, Food, DomainConcept, and Thing. (For more information, see the Superclass Hierarchy page.)

Now, looking at the inferred superclass hierarchy, we see that there are several other superclasses in play. For example, CheeseyPizza has been inferred as a superclass. The "threequal" symbol in the class dot in front of CheeseyPizza indicates that it is an inferred superclass, whereas CheeseyPizza's superclass Pizza (like SloppyGiuseppe's superclass NamedPizza) is asserted.

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