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Admin Theory

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Admin Theory

No changes have been made to the basic MediaWiki software to support the Protege-Frames User's Guide. However, there are a few pages which need to be kept in mind.

Aggregate Pages

Each Aggregate page contains an ordered list of other pages. Most Aggregate pages (eg, PrF_UG_help_all) list Content pages. However, one Aggregate page (PrF_UG_all) lists other Aggregate pages.

The noinclude tags are used within included pages to prevent unwanted material from being included in a higher-level aggregation.

Template Pages

Each chapter has its own Template page (eg, Template:PrF_UG_TOC_help). This page defines the TOC (Table of Contents) sidebar and some formatting information for the associated Content pages.

CSS Definitions

At present, all of the Guide's CSS definitions are stored in MediaWiki:Common.css. The prf_ug and prf_ug_sb class attributes are used to constrain the effects of these definitions to pages in the Guide. Some single letter id attributes (eg, td.a, ul.a) are also used, but are "guarded" by the aforementioned class attributes.