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Aside from cleaning up problems caused by imprudent editing, the guide should be require little administration. The main difficulties will be associated with structural changes, such as when a page is added, deleted, or renamed.

Adding Pages

Adding a page is the simplest case, because no existing links will need to be changed. However, there are still a few details to consider.

The first consideration is page naming. Decide which chapter the page belongs in, then choose an unused name that follows the same pattern as existing pages in that chapter. For example, this page is named PrF_UG_help_admin_howto. The first part of the name (PrF_UG_help) indicates that it is part of the Protege-Frames User's Guide "Help" chapter. The remainder of the name (admin_howto) is mnemonic of the page topic.

When a new page (eg, PrF_UG_help_overview) is added, it should be listed in the relevant Aggregate (PrF_UG_help_all) and Template (Template:PrF_UG_TOC_help) pages. This isn't hard to do; just decide where the page should appear in the Table of Contents sidebar and edit the two files so that it shows up in the right position in both. Finally, add links in other pages, as appropriate.

Deleting Pages

If a page no longer has a valid purpose, or it seems appropriate to merge pages, you may need to delete a page. Removing the page's entries from the relevant Aggregate and Template pages is easy. The tricky part is finding all the other pages which mention the deleted page. Fortunately, MediaWiki provides a "special" page for this exact purpose. Let's assume you need to delete PrF_UG_foo_bar:

  • Go to Special:WhatLinksHere.
  • Enter page name (PrF_UG_foo_bar) in the Page field.
  • Click the Go button.
  • Follow the listed links and edit the pages as needed.
  • Try another search, as a sanity check!

Renaming Pages

The exact page name, as used by MediaWiki, does not have to bear any strong relationship to the page's title or topic. In fact, some of the current page names are already a bit fuzzy in that regard. So, you're probably better off living with a funky page name than going through the hassle and risk of changing it.

However, if you really need to change a page name, the simplest strategy is probably to add a new page, copying over the old page's content. Then, delete the old page. Of course, it's up to you to update all the relevant tables and links.