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Ontology - DL Metrics

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This view allows display of description logic metrics for the current ontology. After examining the current ontology, it attempts to determine which DL features are being used. It then summarizes them in a (cryptic, but standardized) code, described briefly in the "Symbol key" printed at the bottom of the view.

For more information, see the Description_Logic article in Wikipedia, under "DL operators and naming conventions".


The image below was displayed by a test tab, added to a new (empty) ontology. The "AL" code stands for "Attributive Language", which is the "base language" that Protege 4 supports. So, there is no guarantee that any particular features are being used. Put another way, this is simply the lowest level of DL metrics that the view can report.

Pr4 UG rv On DL Metrics 2.png

The image below was displayed by a test tab, added to the Pizza Ontology. Note that this ontology uses a much larger range of DL features.

Pr4 UG rv On DL Metrics 1.png