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Individual View - Usage

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Individuals by Type (inferred)
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Members List (inferred)
Property Assertions

This view allows display of usage information for an individual.


By default, this view appears in the following tabs:

Content and Layout

The external header begins with the text "Usage", followed by the name of the selected individual.

Two "Show" checkboxes control the information to be displayed below. Specifically, checking a box will add classes of the specified type to the count and display sections below:

At the top of the display area, there is a summary line of the form "Found <count> uses of <individual>". The count matches the number of display sections below.

The display area is divided into multiple sections, each of which corresponds to a usage instance. The sections use disclosure triangles to hide/show related content.


The images below were displayed by the Individuals tab of the Pizza Ontology.

Pr4 UG rv In Usage 1-0.png
Pr4 UG rv In Usage 1-2.png