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Setting the Default Metaclass

Protege-Frames User's Guide
Understanding Metaclasses
Example: Creating and Using a Metaclass
Creating a Metaclass
Creating a Class Using a Metaclass
Changing the Metaclass of a Class
Changing the Metaclass of Subclasses
Setting the Default Metaclass
Customizing the Class or Slot Editor
Understanding Slot Metaclasses
Creating a Slot Metaclass
Changing the Slot Metaclass of a Slot
Creating a Subslot Using a Slot Metaclass
Changing the Slot Metaclass of Subslots
Setting the Default Slot Metaclass
Glossary, Editing Help

If you have multiple metaclasses in your project, Protege-Frames allows you to choose which metaclass you want to use as the default for every new class you create.

To set a metaclass as the default:

  1. In the Class Browser, click on the metaclass you want to use. This must be a class that is subordinate to :CLASS.

    Class Browser, "Wine template" selected
  2. Click the right mouse button and select Set as default metaclass from the Class menu. This option is available only when a metaclass is selected.

    "Set as Default Metaclass" selected in menu
  3. The selected metaclass will become the default. Now, unless you choose otherwise, every new class you create will use the new default metaclass as its template and inherit the properties defined by the default.