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A Newspaper Example

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Throughout this guide, we provide examples and screenshots from a fictitious "newspaper" example. We designed this example to be intuitive. This example is distributed as part of the Protege installation and is located in the examples directory in the Protege application directory.

There are a variety of possible uses for a knowledge base of newspaper data. Our example knowledge base includes:

  • a list of all published articles, indicating when published, in what section, etc.

  • information about standard sections of the newspaper (Business, Lifestyle, Sports, etc.)

  • employee information

  • advertising information

There are a variety of applications that might use information in this knowledge base. For example, one could build:

  • a system for retrieving, organizing and answering queries about published articles

  • a system for analyzing advertisement revenues or pricing

  • a system for reviewing the organization of the employees, making sure that reporters are balanced appropriately among editors and that each section of the newspaper has a responsible editor

As this is an artificial example, we have not built any of these applications, but we hope this example will give a flavor of how knowledge bases, ontologies, and knowledge-acquisition tools can be designed with Protege-Frames.