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This page refers to an older version of WebProtege (release 1.0). Please follow the links from the main WebProtege wiki page to get to documentation for the latest WebProtege.

WebProtege 1.0 Roadmap

This page contains a partially ordered list of items that are currently under development and/or included in future development plans for WebProtege. If you have feature requests, please add them to the feature requests section.

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Planned features

  1. Finalize and document the plug-in infrastructure (under development)
  2. Port server-side code from the Protege 3 APIs to Protege 4 and the OWL-API - alpha SVN version already available. medium term
  3. Support collaboration for the OWL-API backend, so that WebProtege and a Protege 4 desktop client can talk to each other.

Feature requests

(please add your feature requests here)

  1. Use HTTP links for entities (e.g., classes, properties, and individuals) to make navigation easier.
  2. Provide RESTFul services for accessing/browsing ontologies.
  3. Implement some kind of paging tree control to make browsing large class trees faster.
  1. Provide for searching for references to individuals.

Completed feature requests

(relocated from first or second sections, when items have been implemented)

  1. Storing user defined layouts on the server, e.g., storing the list of enabled tabs, ordering and size of portlets in a tab, etc., across different sessions (part of WebProtege build 200).
  2. Provide for editing of instances. (can use the property field portlet)
  3. Improve display of slots with multiple values on the Individuals tab. (can use the property field portlet)
  4. Like the create new classes feature, allow users to create new properties & individuals.

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