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Evaluation of WebProtege

We invite you to participate in the evaluation of WebProtege between May 28th and June 8th. You will help us understand what works and what doesn't in the current interface and will have a chance to win a prize!

How to participate

Your task will be to extend an existing ontology in WebProtege and to provide feedback about your experience,.

User task

Construct structured knowledge for a portal that will access information about research. This knowledge includes information about

  • Research topics
  • Conferences, workshops, seminars, talks
  • Researchers and research groups
  • Roles of researchers (in research groups, on Program and Organization committees, etc.)
  • Publications (in these conferences, as well as journals, books, etc.)
  • Relevant web page URLs (e.g. for papers, conferences, demos, topics)

For starters, capture information about

  • Your own research topics
  • Your own research group (organization, address, key personnel, such as head of group and active researchers, and their roles, any software tools associated with the group and their types, etc.)
  • Your own publications in the past year or two (with links to them, as well as keywords – ideally, from the controlled hierarchy that others use as well – or topics, etc.)
  • Conferences, workshops, and other events you were involved in.

Sample questions the knowledge base should be able to inform:

  • Give me links to recent publications on topic T from researchers in group X
  • Give a list of all conferences and workshops related to topic T that took place during the past N years, and their locations.
  • Who published in conference C from organization O in year Y, and what roles do they have within their organizations

Use these questions as a guidance, but feel free to expand the knowledge base in any direction. Note that not all the tools will capture all types of information described above.


At the start of the evaluation, WebProtege will contain some initial data. Feel free to change it, or discuss it.

We encourage participants to edit / change / discuss what others have created.

The most active user (based on the number of changes in the knowledge base and comments) will win a prize!

Time frame

The evaluation will run from Thursday, May 28th through Monday, June 8th.


If you have any questions, please contact ttania@stanford.edu